For your safety

Here’s how we can help each other stay safe, healthy, and nourished as LA BELLE RESIDENCES serves you in your relaxing stay with us.

Below are the safety measures the Residences will be following for guests who will stay with us.

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No mask, no face shield, no entry

Guests will need to keep their face masks on at all times and only take these off as they dine.

Body temperature check

Guests will need to meet criteria set by the minimum health standards against covid-19.

Social distancing

Guests will be asked to observe 1 meter of social distancing.

Regular sanitation

During and after stay sanitation is being implemented using the best practices for health and hygiene.

Regular handwashing

We will ring an alarm every 30 minutes to remind our staff and team members to wash their hands.

People-first mindset

Everything begins with caring for our team members, delivery partners, and guests. Health declaration among our staff, body temperature check, wearing of facemasks and other protective gear, regular handwashing, regular wipe down and disinfection of the place are among what we observe at La Belle Residences.

Health declaration form

Guests will be asked to fill up this form, and we reserve the right to refuse entry to those who are unable to meet the criteria in the form.

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