La Belle Residences is the flagship brand of the many line of businesses of Residencia La Belle Management, Inc. It is driven by a singular vision of creating wonderful opportunities to people to experience the beauty of life. La Belle Residences is committed to premium quality hospitality service to patron and guests in line with promoting love back into the busy and complex life.


The founders and movers of Residencia La Belle Management, Inc. are people in love with the beauty of life. Coming in from variety of business ventures, they have decided to putting up a flagship brand which will champion this idea into a shared experience of people. In the past years, La Belle Management have experienced the luxury of staycation lifestyle and realized that luxury, relaxation, and leisure should be available to all as everyone deserves to live and experience the beauty this life has to offer. Hence, from a series and years of brainstorming, planning, and strategizing driven by the vision to make luxury, relaxation, and leisure accessible to all, La Belle Residences was born.

In 2020, with the uncertainties of the pandemic brought about by the Covid-19 virus, Residencia La Belle pushed through and soldiered on with the commitment to creating opportunities for people to the love that they deserve and the avenues for self-care through “stay, dine, relax” philosophy.

La Belle Residences is the flagship brand of luxury, relaxation, and leisure offered to everyone. The entire building is of 18 Premium room accommodations, with a roof deck overlooking the Makati City skyline. It also hosts Café La Belle which provides the delectable taste of the revisited city through pastries and coffee. Thai Boran Massage is an additional venue for the complete body-mind rejuvenation to complete the #ExperienceBeauty tag line of La Belle Residences. In the future, La Belle’s Kitchen by Chef Ryan will extend the wonderful selection of various cuisine to the busy community of Makati and nearby cities providing the best dining experience for families, organizations, and other corporate business partners.

Indeed, La Belle Residences and its sister brands is unstoppable. With the right heart and mind in place, the experience of beauty will surely flourish. In La Belle, everyone has the right to be, and feel beautiful.


To create wonderful opportunities to everyone to experience the beauty of life, and extend these to the people they love.


Uphold excellence in hospitality industry driven by continued growth, grit, and gratitude, exhibiting the love for the beauty of the amazing gifts of life.


Core Values

Growth – as a group of amazing people committed to providing excellent hospitality services, we are people of growth. We believe in equal opportunity for all, and the ability of every human being to their full potential when given chances to learn and to develop.


Grit – The goal has always been about other people and how we can make luxury, relaxation, and leisure be accessible for all. Driven by passion of making life better, we will soldier on despite of it all. With the heart and mind in the right place, everything is possible.


Gratitude – We are a firm believer that everything is a gift from God. We extend our gratitude by providing quality service to our patron and guests, as well as taking good care of our people.


Love for Beauty of Life – Life is but a beautiful experience! We advocate for self-care and self-love through the wonderful services we give to our patron and guests driven by “stay, dine, and relax” with La Belle

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